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12 June 2009 @ 10:54 pm
Good evening everyone!

Tonight, just a really quick post.
Next week (probably), I'm gonna try to change my entire layout.
Maybe even my mood theme soon after, if I have the time to!

So, in fact, that post is just about...me going to Australia!!!!!
The 9th of July, I'm leaving for Sydney, for the whole year!
I'm so excited about it!
That's why I'm due to change my layout in consequences (and no more love for me!).
Of course, you'll soon here about every details!

G'd day mate! ^^
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21 May 2009 @ 06:22 pm
Who is your favorite mother (the character, not the actress) from television or the movies?
Without a doubt: Lorelai Gilmore !!!
Of course, she's a little bit messy and uses to rely sometimes too much on her daughter (but not as much as my mum does).
But she's so witty and funny and friendly and strong!
Well, she's just the kind of mother I like.

(PS: I love my own mum, of course.^^)

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21 May 2009 @ 06:14 pm
Accidents happen all the time, and often we walk away miraculously uninjured. What has been your closest call with avoiding serious harm in an accident?
Actually, I'm soooo clumsy that I don't even count anymore!
I've already broke my two legs, and my right wrist, I have about seven scars all around my head (one which looks like Harry Potter's!^^), and so much more on my whole body.
I'm not really a "daredevil" person (is that how you call it in english?), I am just completely out of luck!

So eventually, I can say (rereading the question) that I've never avoided harm in any accident I've been involved!
On the other hand, I sometimes have been injured without even being in any accident!^^

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21 May 2009 @ 11:11 am
Hi Everyone!

That's been a while...Again!
Just a quick post, with new icons, to tell you that I'm gonna change my layout pretty soon.
I would like to do one about Sydney, Australia, as I'm going to spend the next year (from july) there!

So, there you go!
Some icons about the last episode of How I Met Your Mother.
And, as my university is still on strike, and so I have plenty of free time, I grew a bit nostalgic about my high school years when I watched Dawson's Creek! I was a huge fan of Pacey/Joey, as you'll be able to see. Beginning with the 3rd season!

Hope you'll enjoy!


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19 February 2009 @ 02:27 pm
Hi Happy (or not-so-happy) Valentines!

Past this occasion, just a cute test.
A test about chocolate, the lover of every girl. Single or not.
Hope you'll enjoy!

Here is my result:

The Chocolate Oracle Says You're Classy

You are sophisticated, modern, and high class.

Your taste is refined, but you are not picky.

You are often the first to try something new.

You are laid back and fairly easy to please.

All you need in life is your friends.

Sometimes you go along to get along... but you don't mind.

You love to be in love. You crave romance, whether you're single or not.

You feel lost when you don't feel passion... you need someone to adore.

Go make the test yourself and comment to give your result!

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04 February 2009 @ 04:08 pm
Me again!

I mean, two posts in two days: it's more than I've done for months!
I tried again some new things with The Gimp.
Hope you'll enjoy.

It's all about the 13th episode of the 6th season of One Tree Hill.


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03 February 2009 @ 08:03 pm
Hi People!

How is everyone doing today??
Wanna talk about anything, movies, music, tv shows...? Just tell me!
I'ld be glad to speak with you anytime.

So I'm begining to manage with The Gimp.
Here are my first Gimp arts.
Please let me know what you really think of it!

It's all about Into the Wild, Grey's Anatomy's new season and Twilight cast.



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01 February 2009 @ 06:42 pm
Hi Everyone!

Finally, I have time to had some stuff in here.
Unfortunately, I don't know yet how to use my new graphic program Gimp... I have changed my computer for a Mac, so I don't have Photoshop anymore and for now, it's a little bit tricky to use...
I hope that I'm gonna be able to deal with it really soon!
I have so many ideas!!!

So, I am going to share with you some of my pictures of NYC and Boston (including Harvard University).
They're mostly artistic pictures (I mean, I tried), with no personal things.
Hope you'll enjoy!!!

Please comment as fairly as possible!
I look forward to have some good criticism about my photography.
If you really wanna take them, please let me know (and credit!).


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17 November 2008 @ 10:29 pm
Good Evening Everybody!
(even if it's not the evening for everybody ^^)

It's been a pretty long time since I've posted anything...
It's only a matter of time, and I apologize about that!

First, I would like to present you my new layout!
Of course, it's about my obsession of the moment, which is...Twilight! Not only the movie, but most of all, the books!
For now, I only made the header and the background but as soon as I have a little more free time, I'm gonna make a whole Twilight mood theme!!!
The header is under the second LJ cut.

Then, I'm gonna post some new stuff I made. Personal stuff.
I mean, it's photoshop art but I made it from pictures I took in my last trip.
I have been soooo lucky to be able to go to New York City (and Boston, for 2 days) from October the 24th to November the 5th!
I really loved it. The city is so huge, so amazing, so exciting but also exhausting! I also loved Boston, Massachussetts.
Anyway, as soon I have the time (again!), I'm gonna post my favourite pictures but for now I made icons with some of them.
Hope you'll enjoy!

Feel free to take (crediting please).
See ya'!



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03 September 2008 @ 05:12 pm
Hi everybody!

I just wanted to share something I've noticed.
I haven't done any Twilight mix yet, but there is one song that appalled me!
I really love it anyways, but furthermore, I have realized that it also perfectly describes some moments of Bella/Edward relationship. For now, it's the song that fits the most their tortured romance. <3
So as it's one of my favourite song ever, I wanted to share it with you. 
You'll be able to download it and to read the french lyrics (it's a french song) that I've translated in english so everyone can understand them! And I also talk about how it is related to Twilight according to me.

The song is called Le Tunnel D'Or (The Golden Tunnel) and it's performed by a french band, who usually sings in english ^^, called AaRon.

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